A California appeals court has declined to revive a lawsuit alleging that packaging for Foster Poultry Farms Inc. products misleads consumers by featuring a certification that the animals are treated humanely. Leining v. Foster Poultry Farms Inc., No. B291600 (Cal. App. Ct., 2nd Dist., entered February 23, 2021). The plaintiff had alleged that she believed the logo to indicate that the animals were treated humanely according to a reasonable consumer’s standard rather than according to the industry’s standards; the trial court granted Foster Farms summary judgment, finding that the American Humane Association’s certification program was “independent, reasonable, and involved some level of expertise.”

The appeals court found that the plaintiff’s causes of action were preempted by the Poultry Products Inspection Act (PPIA) because the labels were preapproved by the Food Safety and Inspection Service. If the plaintiff “were to prevail on her tort claims that the labels were nonetheless misleading, California courts would be imposing an additional requirement to those imposed by the PPIA,” the court held.

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