A couple has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the Texas Department of State Health Services alleging that “burdensome” regulations bar them from selling their canned pickled vegetables at farmers’ markets. The plaintiffs own a farm near Austin and sell vegetables locally, but when they sought to expand into sales of pickled beets, okra and carrots, they learned that Texas bars sales of all pickled vegetables except cucumbers.

Under state law, bakers can sell goods at markets, fairs and festivals without becoming licensed food manufacturers. The Health Services Department has limited sales to pickled cucumbers, specifically excluding other canned pickled vegetables. State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin), who sponsored an amendment to the law to allow the sale of pickles, reportedly told the Texas Tribune that he did not know the department’s rules construed “pickles” to mean only pickled cucumbers. “That pickle definition is kind of flying in the spirit of the legislation,” he is quoted as saying.

The lawsuit reportedly accuses the state of “frustrating the financial viability” of the plaintiffs’ farm and violating the couple’s constitutional right “to earn an honest living in the occupation of their choice, free from unreasonable governmental interference.”

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