The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced that soy leghemoglobin has been approved for use “as a color additive in ground beef analogue products” following a petition submitted by Impossible Foods. The announcement notes that the agency previously found soy leghemoglobin to be generally recognized as safe as a flavor additive. “FDA concurs with the petitioner that the genetic modifications made to generate the non-toxigenic and non-pathogenic production strain are well-characterized and the production process conforms to good manufacturing practice,” the announcement states. “In addition to specification limits for lead, arsenic, mercury, and cadmium, we are requiring a specification for the minimum purity of soy leghemoglobin protein as a percent of the total protein in the color additive.” The rule takes effect September 4, 2019, and objections can be filed until September 3.

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