California EPA’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)
has published a table providing information on the status of chemicals
considered for addition to the Proposition 65 (Prop. 65) list under the
authoritative bodies mechanism. “The table lists the authoritative body,
the document or documents providing the basis for the possible listing, the
endpoint (toxic effect) relevant to the possible listing, and the next step in the
listing process. OEHHA will update this table on a regular basis.”

The chemicals subject to a notice of intent to list in 2014 if criteria are met
include pulegone (a flavoring agent), emissions from high-temperature
unrefined rapeseed oil (used in animal feed and as a vegetable oil), nitrite in
combination with amines or amides (present in foods), atrazine (a herbicide)
and its metabolites, genistein (an isoflavone in soybean foods), and ethylene
glycol (used in bottling). Styrene, which is used in food containers, may be
subject to a notice of intent to list in 2015 if criteria are met. Substances
added to the Prop. 65 list are those identified as known to the state to cause
cancer or reproductive risk. Companies using the chemicals in products sold
in California must provide warnings to consumers. See OEHHA News Release,
August 20, 2013.



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