A California resident has filed a putative nationwide class action against Lifeway Foods, Inc., alleging that many of its kefir, lassi and frozen yogurt products are misbranded under federal law and the state’s Sherman Law because they list as ingredients “Evaporated Cane Juice” or “Organic Cane Juice,” terms that purportedly render the products illegal. Figy v. Lifeway Foods, Inc., No. 13-4828 (N.D. Cal., San Francisco Div., filed October 17, 2013). The plaintiff avers that he and the class purchased these illegal products at a premium price and have sustained economic damages under the unlawful business acts and practices law. According to the complaint, the “unlawful sale of an illegal product is the only element necessary for the UCL claim. No reliance is necessary.” The plaintiff requests restitution, injunctive relief, corrective action, attorney’s fees, costs, and interest.


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