A Colorado state court has approved the settlements of several wrongful
death and personal injury suits against 14 defendants—including Jensen
Farms—stemming from the sale of cantaloupe tainted with Listeria that killed
33 people in 2011. Exley v. Jensen Farms, No. 2011-1891 (Colo. D.C., Arapahoe
Cty., order entered March 5, 2015). The court dismissed 24 of 26 cases
pursuant to the settlement agreement reached in February 2015, remanded
one case to a Texas court and left the dismissal of the last case to a probate
court because it regards a minor. The settlement terms are confidential, but
according to plaintiffs’ attorney Bill Marler, the medical expenses total more
than $12 million. Details about the criminal charges against the brothers who
own Jensen Farms appear in Issue 500 of this Update. See Minneapolis Star
Tribune, March 11, 2015.


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