An Illinois federal court has dismissed a lawsuit alleging Wendy’s International discriminates against disabled customers who cannot independently access 24-hour Wendy’s locations during night hours when the stores only accept drive-through orders. Davis v. Wendy’s Int’l LLC, No. 19-4003 (N.D. Ill., E. Div., entered December 12, 2019). The court held that the Wendy’s policy applied to all pedestrians regardless of their disabled status. “[A]s with any other non-drivers, [the plaintiff] could access the drive-through if she were a passenger in a car sharing service, a taxi, or a friend’s car,” the court noted. “Therefore, the fact that [the plaintiff] cannot drive because of her visual impairment does not establish that Wendy’s drive-through policies are the but-for cause for her inability to obtain food. [] Instead, it is her status as a pedestrian that is the but-for cause of her injury.” The court dismissed the plaintiff’s claim with prejudice.

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