Sugarfina, maker of “luxury boutique” candies, has filed a
trademark, copyright, patent and trade dress infringement suit
against Sweet Pete’s alleging the competitor relied “heavily on
several design elements of Sugarfina’s distinctive packaging and
marketing” of Cuba Libre®, Peach Bellini®, Fruttini, Candy Cube,
Candy Concierge and Candy Bento Box® products. Sugarfina v.
Sweet Pete’s, No. 17-­4456 (C.D. Cal., filed June 15, 2017).
Sugarfina asserts that Sweet Pete’s copied the names, “size, shape,
color or color combinations, texture, graphics and sales
techniques” of all six named product lines that Sugarfina packages
in “museum­-quality Lucite.” Sugarfina further argues that Sweet
Pete’s was “a failing business prior to its radical transformation
into a Sugarfina copycat.” The plaintiff seeks an injunction, treble
damages, corrective advertising and attorney’s fees.


Issue 639

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