The General Court of the European Union has confirmed that bisphenol A (BPA) is a substance of very high concern under the EU’s REACH Regulation. PlasticsEurope, which represents four companies that sell BPA-related materials, challenged the categorization. The organization argued that the listing should exclude intermediate uses of BPA, including as an on-site isolated intermediate or a transported isolated intermediate. The General Court ruled that the uses were not exempt from the REACH Regulation, noting that “one of the objectives of the candidate list of substances is the establishment of information sharing obligations in respect of substances of very high concern within the supply chain and with consumers. The identification of a substance as a substance of very high concern serves to improve information for the public and professionals as to the risks and dangers incurred. The General Court therefore considers that the contested decision is consistent with the objective of sharing information on substances of very high concern within the supply chain and with consumers. It finds that the legal effects of that decision do not go beyond what is appropriate and necessary to achieve that aim.”

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