Wheat farmers who sued Monsanto Co. over losses they allegedly sustained
after genetically modified (GM) wheat was discovered in an Oregon farmer’s
field have reportedly decided to attempt to mediate the dispute. In re
Monsanto Co. GE Wheat Litig., MDL No. 2473 (D. Kan.). Details
about the consolidation of a number of related cases before a multidistrict
litigation (MDL) court appear in Issue 500 of this Update. The GM wheat
discovery prompted Japan and South Korea to suspend imports of soft white
wheat from the United States, and the farmers contend that they lost money
as a result. Monsanto denies any wrongdoing—it field tested GM wheat more
than 10 years ago in Oregon—and calls the event an isolated incident. The
MDL court had scheduled a March 10, 2014, status conference, but canceled
the hearing and has stayed the litigation. See The National Law Journal, March
7, 2014.


Issue 517

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