One week after the sentencing of three Peanut Corp. of America (PCA)
executives, two managers have been sentenced to prison for their roles in
a Salmonella outbreak linked to nine deaths and hundreds of illnesses.
Samuel Lightsey and Daniel Kilgore, former operations managers at
PCA’s Blakely, Georgia, plant, were sentenced to three years and six years

“By making sure that the individuals involved in the corporate fraud at
PCA were held accountable, I am confident that the message to other
executives is clear,” said U.S. Attorney Michael Moore. “Because we all
know that it is people who make decisions about what goes on behind the
corporate curtain, we’ll be looking to hold those individuals personally
accountable when they steer their businesses down the path of fraud.
Mr. Kilgore and Mr. Lightsey acknowledged their wrongdoing, and today
their sentences reflect not only their acceptance of that responsibility, but
also the requirement of accountability.”

Details about the previous sentencing appear in Issue 579 of this Update.
See FBI Press Release, October 1, 2015.


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