A New York consumer has filed a putative class action against juice maker Suja Life, LLC, alleging the company deceptively labeled its juice blends as “Cold-Pressed.” Lumbra v. Suja Life, LLC, No. 22-893 (N.D.N.Y., filed August 28, 2022).

The plaintiff alleges that the packaging of Suja’s “Cold-Pressed” juices led her to believe they were not processed after being extracted. She asserts in the complaint that typically, juices that are not subjected to treatment after they’re extracted are labeled as “Cold-Pressed,” while juices that are treated usually prominently disclose treatment. She alleges that Suja failed to prominently disclose to consumers that after its juices are cold-pressed, they are subjected to a treatment known as high-pressure processing.

“By describing the Product as ‘Cold-Pressed’ without any prominent, clear disclaimers of other processing steps, consumers expect it will be fresh,” the plaintiff asserts. “However, the Product is not fresh and has more in common with juices sold in standard refrigerator cases because it is highly processed after being cold-pressed.”

The plaintiff alleges violations of state consumer fraud acts, breach of express warranty and implied warranty of merchantability, negligent misrepresentation, fraud and unjust enrichment. She is seeking class certification, damages and costs and expenses including attorneys’ fees.

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