Children’s Health Defense, an organization founded and chaired by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has filed a lawsuit alleging that Beech-Nut Nutrition Co. misrepresents its baby-food products as “100% natural” despite containing pesticide residues. Children’s Health Def. v. Beech-Nut Nutrition Co., No. 2019 CA 4475 (D.C. Super. Ct., filed July 8, 2019). The organization alleges that Beech-Nut markets its products as “100% natural,” which the company website apparently defines as “simple, all-natural ingredients from places that nurture their fruits and vegetables and care about their quality. We never use artificial preservatives—nobody really needs modified starch, salt or harsh spices, especially babies. … We’re not a fan of pesticides; our internal standards are significantly stricter than federal requirements.” The complaint asserts that an independent laboratory tested the products and found pesticide residues in several varieties.

The organization alleges a cause of action under the District of Columbia Consumer Protection Procedures Act and notes that under D.C. law, a nonprofit may “bring an action seeking relief from the use of a trade practice in violation of a law of the District, including a violation involving consumer goods or services that the organization purchased or received in order to test or evaluate qualities pertaining to use for personal, household, or family purposes.”

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