Russian MP Oleg Mikheyev has reportedly asked the government to
require “graphic warning labels” on fast-food packaging in an effort to
stop the spread of obesity and improve the health of Russian citizens.
Mikheyev, who previously proposed a tax on “junk food,” also argued
that producers of food products such as potato chips or soft drink be
required to include photos of illnesses caused by excessive consumption
of those products.

“People know that sugar can cause type-2 diabetes, but few of them
actually know what the trophic ulcers look like. Same goes for kidney
stones that appear because of excessive consumption of salty foods or
cholesterol plaques,” Mikheyev reportedly wrote in a letter to Prime
Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Russian politicians have discussed mandatory
labeling for fast food and other food products in the past, including
in a July 2015 bill that proposed restricting fast-food and alcohol ads. See
RT, January 28, 2016.


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