Echoing a putative class action filed in Massachusetts federal court on August 1, 2014, a plaintiff has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods Market in Pennsylvania state court accusing the retailer of mislabeling its 365 Everyday Value yogurt’s sugar content as 2 grams despite containing 11.4 grams, according to test results published in the July issue of Consumer Reports. Clemente v. Whole Foods Market Inc., No. 140801271 (Ct. of C.P. of Pa., Philadelphia Cty., filed August 11, 2014). The plaintiffs accuse Whole Foods of knowingly mislabeling its yogurt, citing a statement on the Whole Foods website that allegedly reads, “Our Private Label registered dietician reviews each nutrition label for accuracy and completeness before the label is printed. All attempts are made to review nutrition labels on a regular basis to ensure accuracy.” In the complaint, the plaintiffs argue, “Unless this statement on Defendant’s website is false, then Whole Foods Market was fully aware of the contents of its store brand Greek yogurt and of the fact that the yogurt’s sugar content does not match what is stated on the label.” They seek class certification for Pennsylvania consumers who purchased the product, an injunction, attorney’s fees, and treble damages. Additional information on the Massachusetts case appears in Issue 533 of this Update.


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