A Maryland consumer alleges that when she used coupons offering a free sandwich with the purchase of an initial sandwich, Burger King locations in Maryland, Virginia, the District of Columbia and Florida charged her more than they would have if she had purchased sandwiches without the coupons. Anderson v. Burger King, No. 17-­1204 (D. Md., filed May 2, 2017). The complaint asserts that Burger King’s coupon promotion offers a “free” sausage, egg and cheese breakfast “Croissan’wich” to customers who buy one Croissan’wich at the regular price. The plaintiff claims she went to a Maryland location, presented a coupon and was charged $3.19 for the two sandwiches she received. She later purchased a single sandwich and was charged only $2.16, the complaint alleges. She found similar results at locations in (i) the District of Columbia, where the two coupon sandwiches cost $4.61 and the single sandwich cost $1; (ii) Virginia, where the coupon sandwiches cost $2.99 and the single $1.79; and (iii) Florida, where the coupon sandwiches cost her $3.45 and the single $2.29. Claiming violations of several consumer ­protection statutes, the plaintiff seeks class certification, damages, an injunction and attorney’s fees.


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